absoluteweeaboopalyspe asked:

Just talking about it is fine, even if it seems like rambling to you at the time. I haven't watched Django Unchained but I can see why it'd be considered self congratulatory( and why Spike Lee was mad about it)

angfdz answered:

thank you for this ask it’s made me think abt this a little more and be able to put it into words a lil better.

i actually didn’t know that Spike Lee didn’t like it but this was a tweet he made about it:

 "American Slavery Was Not A Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western. It Was A Holocaust. My Ancestors Are Slaves. Stolen From Africa. I Will Honor Them." 

which kind of sums up a lot of what I’m thinking. Same goes for Inglorious Basterds. It’s revenge porn, plain and simple. Emphasis on porn. I find it really disrespectful and sociopathic to turn historical horrors like slavery and the holocaust into feel-good video game-y movies. 

the worst part is that viewers can leave feeling great about themselves, because they were cheering for the oppressed groups ‘winning’. even though we know you can’t really win the holocaust just like you can’t win slavery. Even though that is really 100% not how it happened and glorifies violence even tho the violence brought about by both of these events was completely devastating & glorifying it seems totally insane…….!

Like what’s next? is he gonna make a fun exciting movie about the chinese exclusion act? how bout one on the trail of tears?

like u feel me? like doesn’t that sound so fucking horrible?? but i feel like he got a pass with slavery and the holocaust simply bc those two things have almost become historical memes. 

like if u look at the history channel the amount of shit they have for world war 2 and the civil war is like huge bc people love to think about things where there was a clear hero and a clear villain. that’s why i think he made them kinda. cuz it’s like 2 events that u can look at with very obvious “evil” guys.

and it’s why i don’t like movies like django unchained or inglorious basterds (or oh my god like…The Help…which i know isn’t part of this conversation but i just thought about it)…bc the “bad guys” back then weren’t evil sadists that liked to kill for fun, they were regular people. Just like how today racists are regular people who might be real nice and go to church but also secretly (or not secretly) hate black people or mexicans or whoever, u know? 

like making history into a cartoon is just gross and quentin should stick with his stupid sexist fantasy dudebro movies instead of making stuff about real shit that happened and being so blatantly insane and sociopathic about it.


Anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm a fifteen year old female, British caucasian. I've followed your blog for a while and I really love it but as I'm only young and live in an area where I see virtually no racism on a day-to-day-basis in my neighbourhood, I really don't understand a lot of what you post. Please could you try and simplify the whole white supremacy/privilege thing? It confuses me and I really don't like the idea of being accidentally racist. Thanks for your time and p.s you are really beautiful :)

lordbape answered:

I’d like to start off by quoting Nicki Minaj in saying “thank you, I know” I’m beautiful

You’re probably not Caucasian especially if you’re British and white. You’re just white.

The reason you “see” no racism on a day-to-day basis is because you’re white. You don’t understand that living in the world is experiencing racism. Racism is not just an act. Racism is systems of power built to oppress people of color that have existed for centuries and still exist. Racism is not “I was walking down the street and saw a Black man get arrested for no reason”. Racism is always present. It’s why Black students are afraid to raise their hands in the classroom in fear that if their answer is wrong, their individual mistake will be attributed to stereotypes about their entire race. You can’t “see” that subconscious anxiety or fear every day of your life— it’s there. That’s one universal example of probably hundreds of thousands.

I also don’t buy that you don’t understand what I post and if you really don’t, why not try going to the library to read a book about it? Or googling it.. Or reading articles about it? Why do you feel entitled to me (a regular person) educating you and not only that but simplifying it for you because you don’t feel like educating yourself (which you would about anything else)?

It’s not about being accidentally racist because there’s no such thing. You’re white and you benefit from white supremacy and you know that. You know that you’ve never thought “well if I can’t do this it’s probably because I’m white” or “I probably won’t be taken seriously or have access to something because I’m white. Maybe if I were another race I’d be treated better” and that says enough. That is white supremacy and you are conscious of it. You wouldn’t rather be treated the way South East Asian people are in Britain. You wouldn’t rather be treated the way Black people are. You wouldn’t rather be any other race while living in Britain in the hopes you’d see your race represented multidimensional on television because white people dominate TV. That much you’re aware of. You don’t walk through your grocery to get food or the shops and think “I’m going to be followed because I’m white”. You probably never even think you’re going to be followed. It doubt it crosses your mind. If you witnessed a crime you wouldn’t think “I’ll probably be blamed for the crime”.

There’s literally no reason I should be typing this to you when you could’ve googled it a million years ago. I’m always employing sociological lexicon so you could’ve googled anything I’ve said and bought a book about it and read it.. I say “white privilege”, I say “white supremacy”.

I’m posting quotes from the most highly regarded sociological race theorists in the world and you can’t just google their names and educate yourself? Read ONE article.. copy and paste one word / phrase you don’t understand and read it? I literally googled “Bell Hooks Masculine” the other day and got 70 pages of Bell Hooks on the first or second google link lol…… You have to grow up. There’s no reason for a Black 20 year old to be spoon feeding you race theory. As if it’s my job.

What’s white privilege Who is Bell Hooks What is critical race theory